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Chef Nicole Seals

Nicole Pichan Seals has owned and operated an award-winning boutique northern Italian restaurant, “due venti”  in the Detroit area since 2008 with her husband who is also a chef.  She has loved living in the northern suburbs of Detroit for over 20 years with her family.  Working and living at the center of some of Michigan’s most exciting culinary and cultural communities is important to her and her family. At the age of fourteen, she knew she wanted to be in the food business.  While other teenagers were most likely  reading Seventeen magazine and hanging out on the weekends, Nicole found much satisfaction in her growing library of printed cooking materials and working long hours in a small French restaurant. The highly evolved staff with whom she worked with at that time, went on to become well-known innovators of the industry. She also took introductory classes for the culinary curriculum at Schoolcraft college in her Junior and Senior years of high school.  Nicole attended the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, N.Y. at the age of 18 and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts Management with a minor in Pastry Arts. She has always worked in small region-specific establishments and she has also worked as a private chef doing small to large events. Nicole has taught many cooking classes in her restaurant over the years.  Her small class size and hands-on approach make her classes desirable and students feeling empowered.  Chef Nicole has created many memorable desserts and cold dishes from the “pantry” station over the years for the guests of due venti.  Her most lauded dishes have been her unique gelato flavors, tortes, Italian donuts fried to order, seasonal dishes, gnocchi, appetizers and salads.  She is also well-versed in gluten free baking.  As a mom of two active boys who play hockey, soccer and ski, she is also passionate about preparing healthy and satisfying meals for her family and friends.  It is her desire to help others be enthusiastic and curious  about cooking.  Nicole also enjoys being a board member for the Department of Culinary Arts at Oakland Community College where she gives input on course development for students at the collegiate level.

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