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Cooking Class

Our Story


Jyl and Nicole met in the tenth grade when Nicole was a new student in Jyl’s class. Being the new student can be quite stressful, but Jyl made it easy for Nicole to feel right at home with her warmth and generosity.  Nicole’s sense of humor and curiosity was refreshing to Jyl and they became instant friends during those formative years.   These gals have lived and traveled to many parts of the world, remaining in each other’s lives.   Currently residing  in their home State of Michigan with their husbands and sons, Jyl and Nicole are closer than ever as friends, moms and now business partners.  Their collective passions  and experience include cooking, traveling, teaching, sustainability, gardening, entrepreneurship and raising their families. All of which make a great foundation for things to come.  Join this dynamic duo in their one-of-a-kind food and culture journey where students can gain confidence, skills and knowledge from the comfort of their own kitchens.  Students located in Michigan can eventually participate in live classes and local events hosted by Chef Jyl and Chef Nicole, when things get a little bit back to normal.  We can’t wait to cook with you!

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